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The official Whore Church Vol. 1 tracklist

So we’ve had a bunch of questions about music we used in Vol. 1 recently with it getting a bazillion plays and all, so we decided to make today’s post with the complete track list. So here it is, in … Continue reading

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Help our friends help youuuu!

Hey friends, today we come to you with a couple awesome things that friends of the church have been involved in. Now this isn’t just some garbage our friends are trying to get us to pawn off on you lovely … Continue reading

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1.31.07 – Never Forget

5 Years ago today, an important chapter in American history/terror was written. 5 years ago today Boston taught the world new ways to over react. Yeah man, 5 years ago today was the “Aqua Teen Bomb Scare.” The whole subject … Continue reading

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