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Friday thrash fuckfest.

Holy shit, It’s fucking Friday, I’m on my way back to Boston on a mission for some serious thrashing. This weekend is going to be KICK ASS! First up, we’ve got Jim Van fucking Bebber! DEADBEAT AT FUCKING DAWN! 16MM … Continue reading

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do the god’s owe you any favors?

If you can’t get immortality on merits alone then you’ll have to do some might impressive shit to impress those devils and gods. C’mon! really put it all out there! EXTREME DISREGARD FOR NATURES FURY! EXTREME FLYING! EXTREME BABES! EXTREME … Continue reading

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Freak out Wednesday!

Yeah, so apparently this hotel I’m in has super slow fucking wi-fi so today’s post is going to be short…and super frustrating to put together. It’s so slow I think I might just freakout and smash my computer. Today’s post … Continue reading

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