Monthly Archives: August 2011

Aieeeeeeeeee! Wicked scary monsters!

Fuck this work week right up it’s fucking ass! I need some monsters! I need some cool monsters to EASE THE PAIN! whew! Well, I feel better..

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Tuesday Jamz- The Flaming Lips

That’s right, Jamz on a Tuesday, gotta keep you people on your toes… I’ve been listening to a lot of tunes so far on this road trip. The Flaming Lips have consistently made for some of the more awesome early … Continue reading

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Clowny clown clowns

People get so fucking NUTS over clowns! “I hate clowns they say” or “Clowns are the scariest things ever!” Personally, I don’t really get what the commotion is all about, no big whoop and I’m not afraid of clowns to … Continue reading

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