Clowny clown clowns

People get so fucking NUTS over clowns! “I hate clowns they say” or “Clowns are the scariest things ever!” Personally, I don’t really get what the commotion is all about, no big whoop and I’m not afraid of clowns to put it lightly

Probably ground up clown meat. (hopefully)

I was going to post the Crispin Glover “Clownly Clown Clown” video, but that would be the 100th time we did, so in lieu of that..

Eh, what the fuck. We’ll give some children some love too. Clown Town from Chicago.

ugh. maybe i do hate clowns?

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One Response to Clowny clown clowns

  1. MEAT Clown says:

    Totally diggin’ your fascination with clowns. MEAT Clown approved!

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