October is for whores

Holy shit we have so much exciting stuff in the next two weeks we decided to not be lazy and make a post about it!

We are proud to announce we are going to be showing our Nekrofilth video “I’M A DEGENERATE/JUNKIE CUNT” at the Housecore Horror Film Festival on Saturday, October 25, at 2:00pm in the Grindhouse room. It is a part of the Music Block along with WELCOME TO DEATHFEST, “Common Nonsense” by Headcrusher, “Shit On The Liver” by King Parrot, “Dead End” by King Parrot, and “Ancestral Ooze” by Child Bite.Couldn’t be more excited about this if we tried, last years fest was a bash and you’d be stupid to miss it! GO BUY A TICKET NOW!

They are showing a 35mm of Race with the Devil for shits sake!

We’ve been working together with the amazing Boston Circus Guild on creating a great halloween Circus burlesque madhouse shit show for all you lunatics in New England!

The show runs This Thurs. and Fri (23rd/24th) and next Thurs and Fri. (30th/31st) with two shows each night. We created over an hour and half of content for this show, so there will plenty of fucked up-ness to keep you going. We’ve got a special promo code for you jerks, you can save $5 by entering the code FLESHFEAST on checkout!


What are you waiting for? Go buy some tickets!

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2 Responses to October is for whores

  1. LiliStCynical says:

    Shit’s expensive. Even for a local.

    What if I want to purchase a ticket just for this screening, is that possible?

    • Roil Vulture says:

      which event? Housecore is worth the cash but the music video is online so if you aren’t into metal and horror, check our you-tube page. The cirque of the dead is us mashed into a naughty Halloween circus making visuals from vol. 1 and some new stuff

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