1.31.07 – Never Forget

5 Years ago today, an important chapter in American history/terror was written. 5 years ago today Boston taught the world new ways to over react. Yeah man, 5 years ago today was the “Aqua Teen Bomb Scare.” The whole subject is sort of awkward for me as I know Zebbler really well and it was infuriating having the press label a close friend of yours a villain. So while it’s funny to remember moments like this

Or even bigger wrap ups like this

We’d like to focus more on the positives of the event. The most positive thing I would say is that the events gave Zebbler a mini celebrity vibe that helped elevate his VJ persona / get him bigger and better gigs. His work has also grown in leaps and bounds. Chronologically >

Then he toured with Shpongle,

Then He toured with Eoto

Dude is still in and out the door. He just released a music video with his band Zebbler Encanti Experience and it’s awesome, a wrap up of his most recent travels and tying in footage from past shows and the like.

Conversations (music video by Zebbler Encanti Experience) from Zebbler on Vimeo.

He’ll also be playing an EOTO show at the House of Blues 2/9/12 for the EOTO Time Illusion Tour so if you live near Boston, you need to check this out (plus it’s only like $5.) So that’s that, never forget 1/31/07 but really how could you forget when there’s so much rad shit going on to remind you?

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