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Tittie Tuesday: 80’s didn’t suck

We got called out by Tim for not having a good ol’ fashioned smut day in a long time. It’s true, we are sorry. We’re busy making treats for all the pre-order people today but we’ll gladly take a break … Continue reading

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‘da ass’

You really can’t say it any better than Sir Mix-Allot when he penned “I like big butts and I cannot lie.” Buns, booties, ass, bums, butts.. whatever it is you want to call them, I’m into it. While I can’t … Continue reading

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We’re coming to get you!

Zombies are widely popular right now and you can’t have a drunk conversation with a 21 year old girl without “Zombie Apocalypse” this or “zombie survival” that. It’s serious biz! Here’s some of our favorite zombie stuff, we’ll start with … Continue reading

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