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Zombies are widely popular right now and you can’t have a drunk conversation with a 21 year old girl without “Zombie Apocalypse” this or “zombie survival” that. It’s serious biz! Here’s some of our favorite zombie stuff, we’ll start with “Mutants” which is pretty new.

I actually just saw this last week stumbling across free IFC movies on demand and was really impressed. It’s a zombie flick by way of an unexplained virus set in rural France. What struck me about this flick was the main actress and the pacing. You really get involved with the two characters as one slips slowly into disease. It’s pretty well worn territory but the pacing and visual effects were top notch so it get’s my vote.

Dawn of the dead, or “Zombies” as it’s referred to in this UK trailer is one of the ULTIMATE in walking dead flicks. It’s funny, it’s gory, it’s a great satire of late 70’s American consumerism… It’s awesome! Even the fucking re-make in 2004 is awesome! Really Awesome!

Plague of the zombies is probably the best example of early awesome zombie shit. The makeup is kind of insane considering it was made in 1966.

Lucio Fulci’s “Zombie” is probably one of the most enjoyable to watch with all the crazy shit he has going on. He must have been drunk when he was writing out this Zombie in hand to hand contact with a fucking shark scene. This also has the BEST eye gouging ever captured in film. Easily.

If you ain’t Tar Man from return of the living dead.. you ain’t shit. Unless your Bud. He’s pretty tight too.

Tits and Nazi Zombies? uhh… Yes please

So that’s it for now, DO swing by the facebook page and share with us YOUR favorite zombie shit! Do it now!

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