You gotta BURN! OR, How YOU can help the Brothers!

Perhaps you’ve heard, perhaps you haven’t, but The Whore Church will be packing up all our best Road Warrior gear and heading out to Burning man in the Nevada desert this year!

We hooked up with the guys over at Black Rock Film Fest to bring our full length video mixtape out to the desert! (along side tons of rad short films and cool ass desert movies) This will be our world premiere of the tape, in front of 50,000 of the strangest and most fucked up people in the middle of the god damned desert.

We helped out by putting together the trailer for the film fest and camp! Check it out!

Untitled from brff on Vimeo.

So here’s where you come in…. We are currently running a fundraiser on kickstarter to get the funds to be able to build this amazing theater and bar our in the middle of nowhere. We’ve got about two weeks before the kickstarter closes out, so we NEED your help! Any little bit of cash will help us out! $5 goes a long way if enough people do it! Most of the insentives over on the page are set up for people going to burning man, so we’ve decided to add one of our own, specially for all you Church goers, If you donate 40$ or more and the project gets funding, we will mail your ugly ass one of our awesome PutridXWhoreChurch tees!

And you will be our favorite for sure. Soooooo, please go over here and if you can spare a couple bucks pitch in! Thanks in advance losers. CLICK HERE TO HELP OUT!!!

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