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UGhhhhhhghh Brainmelt.

Oh man, we are legit broken. Non-stop partying for the last 3 days has finally reached an ugly level of exhaustion. We’ve been hanging out with a bunch of cool folks from all over the last couple nights and it’s … Continue reading

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get BUFF for friday!

It is the SECOND day of the Boston Underground Film Festival!!! We’re fucking psyched to see Excision, Smuggler and of course, the 25th anniversary screening of “Rock & Roll Nightmare” with director John Fassano in attendance! THOR JAMZ FOR ALL! … Continue reading

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This is made possible, by YOU.

Holy hell! IT’S ALL HAPPENING SOOOO FAST! Our DVD drops in a little over 3 weeks and we are on heavy duty overtime getting this bad boys ready for yall. A HUGE FUCKING THANKS TO ANYONE WHO HAS PRE-ORDERED! You … Continue reading

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