UGhhhhhhghh Brainmelt.

Oh man, we are legit broken. Non-stop partying for the last 3 days has finally reached an ugly level of exhaustion. We’ve been hanging out with a bunch of cool folks from all over the last couple nights and it’s been great. Our screening was fucking AWESOME, no walk outs and we got to party with our buddy Adam Conway who designed our new stickers! Oh yeah, we got stickers, they rule and will be included with our DVD pre-orders! We still have a handful of our first 50 hand painted special editions left, get on it! ((PRE ORDER RIGHT HERE!)) Be sure to see the shorts Crown, Down Bob, Man and Gun, and PuzzleFace, you guys will love them if you can find them. Ok I’m going to get back into the theater and watch some more movies (nap). Full posts back tomorrow when we can think straight again. If you saw our flick, let us know what you thought! <3 you guys!

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