Back to life, back to reality

I’ve been sleeping on the couch most of the morning, trying to recharge after this crazy weekend! We had so much fun, met super cool folks and grossed/weirded some people out with the mixtape. A job well done! We still have less than ten hand painted pre-orders (individually numbered) left now! Please pre-order your copy of “Whore Church Volume 01” today!
I’d order soon. Don’t forget, your pre-orders are funding the production of the DVDS. Whatever extra we get, we will be spending on more fun bonus shit for you pre-order folk! And now, business as usual

I fucking looooove Mexican pointy boots! I love these as much, but possibly more than regular ol’ pointy boots.

man… I guess it’s cool that you actually did it and all.. but why not just cut the middle man? Pre order those tapes!

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