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Bong fodder.

How’s your Sunday? Packed up and ready to go? Fantastic. Rip that bong, and journey with us through the wilds of the internet, we’ll be your shit Sherpa. Our favoritist lady Laney Oleniczak sent us this beauty last night. We … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mr. Lynch

Yes yes yes, it is one of our favorite dudes birthday today! David Lynch has brought us some awesome stuff in our time, magical dreamlike stuff. Today he turns 66, so cancel your plans, pop a squat on a couch … Continue reading

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Cat madness!

Oh man, its a good day for Caturday, Cyriak just put out a brand new cat video today! If you don’t already know and love Cyriak you’ve got some serious watching/educating to do. Yup. Awesome. Alright, on with the festivities. … Continue reading

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