Music Video Monday: Animations are king

Can I say that I fucking love music video Monday? So much cool shit just came out and a good portion of that is Animation. Oh! and the animation! This new video by Maxime Bruneel is a road trip on acid and possibly paint huffing? Undeniably French, undeniably cool.

Ok ok, you probably can’t speak Japanese but that isn’t really a biggie. We’re not even saying you need to like the music, 来来来チーム (lai lai lai team) can be judged solely by how awesome their new video is. This video for “Heaven” kind of reminds me of “take on me” by Ah Ha. More yellow by a mile.

The gorgeousness of this video cannot be accurately described. If you roll around on the ground (naked), masturbating (violently), and screaming at the top of your lungs “WATER COLORS!!!!! OH MY GAAAAAWWDDDD!!!!” You don’t come close to giving this video it’s proper dues. Don’t bother ripping out your hair and denouncing god either.. Those things aren’t helping you any.

Ninjatune artists as a general rule have really cool videos. I’ve never seen a video about juicing before. Maybe that public access show about juicing, painting and exercising. That’s different though. Slugabed juice sounds fucking gross but it looks sort of delicious.

Here is an entry that contain important Whore Church Elements: Smoking, Mixtape Making, 2 seconds of a naked tattoo’d babe. Radical!

So there you go, cool new tunes by cool new artists. Suck it yellow submarine.

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