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Ever seen a rhinoceros’ dick?

Have you? Doubt that. Let yer ol’ buddies the whore church guide your eyes. I guess it’s dick fest or something around here, we can’t let the weird dick train stop rollin’ so Let’s start this bitch off with some … Continue reading

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Don’t give up on life on a Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, your job fucking sucks and you’re broke. Don’t let that kinda junk weigh you down homie, you know the brother’s vulture got the shit that’ll make you feel better! Leave the driving to us!

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Friday like you mean it !

It’s friday so we’re gonna kick this bad bitch into overdrive. Heavy jams, the devil and tits. Could you love us any more? WHO!? Is the deadliest warrior? Motherfucking Will Kieth is who! Just imagine if those were… snack cakes … Continue reading

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