Ever seen a rhinoceros’ dick?

Have you? Doubt that. Let yer ol’ buddies the whore church guide your eyes. I guess it’s dick fest or something around here, we can’t let the weird dick train stop rollin’ so Let’s start this bitch off with some jamz.

I saw the Giraffes 8 years ago open for Skeleton Key. They ruled live, my favorite moment was when the drummer *between song changeover* gets up to the mic and gives a statistic “There are more than 1 million battered women in this city tonight and that’s frankly unacceptable! *crowd applause* YOU GOT TO EAT THEM WOMEN RAW!!!” then he spits RIGHT in the face of this dude standing at the front of the stage, get’s behind the drums and starts the next song. Fucking priceless. Oh, speaking of Giraffes, ever seen a rhinoceros’ dick?

Well now you have. Welcome to the world my friends!


Show us yer tits!

Fuckin’ BONUZ ZONE!!! Na na na Na na na na na na na na BAAAT DIIIIICKKK !

hahaha go tell yer friends!

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