Can’t stop, won’t stop the Volume 01 momentum!

Never doubt the ability of the internet to amaze you. We released Vol.01 on April 20th to what we thought (at the time) was a large fanbase. We’re a group of fuckers hoarding VHS tapes and metal records so selling the first 50 copies of the DVD to cover the costs of production and packaging was an AMAZING revelation. Fast forward to now when somebody uploads Vol. 01 to youtube and in 20 Days it gets over 16,000 views and starts to populate on the /b/ board & reddit. Outstanding! Give it a watch while it’s still on youtube!

If you haven’t yet, DOWNLOAD THIS TAPE FREE !!!
If you are feeling saucy, buy a copy of the DVD in our store which features directors commentary, unreleased stuff and the UN-censored version of the Christmas tape.

Some of our favorite new reviews..
“The character development could have been better, but aside from that, this is pretty much the best/worst movie ever made.”
More than anything else in that video, Gary busey was the only thing that freaked me the fuck out.
What an absolute piece of shit. Too crappy to watch long enough to see if there was a message.
hahahaha yeah, we snuck the message into the last 3 seconds of the ending. “Fuuuuuckkk Yoouuuuuuuu!!!!”

Oh, btw. If you are on Reddit, upvote our shit HERE. Baaam!

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