Anarchy in the U.K

We could give a shit about weddings and we could give a fuck about the royal family. We could give a fucking shit about sweet William and an ol’ what’s her tits getting hitched but that’s all that anybody is fucking talking about today. Fuuuuck that. England is boring and has crappy food so up yer nose with a rubber hose! Anarchy in the U.K!

The Monarchy can suck it! Ditch that shit!

Actually.. I change my mind. There’s some pretty sick English shit after all. Observe!

Holy piss was the young ones ever brilliant. How cool can you get when your show has a guest appearance by fucking Motörhead ?

Spinal Tap is supposed to be from England, even though they are all American, we’re still gonna count it anyway.

Rachael Cordingley seems nice..

Aight england.. carry on just keep your stupid royal weddings the fuck away from us.

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