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When creating art, it’s important to surround yourself with inspiring work to push you even further in your own craft. Since we are busy with the mix tape we watch lots and lots of shitty movies which admittedly is NOT for everyone. But here’s some art videos that everybody can get into and inspired by.

PES consistently comes up with the coolest animations appropriating objects you are familiar with and assigning them new roles, his genius is creating scenes where you just have to go “Duh! I should have thought of that!”

PES is the fucking man. So isn’t Cyriak.
We’re all over Cyriak’s shit it’s like we were toilet paper. But it’s because he comes up with the coolest videos and concepts which are simple and obvious but we didn’t see YOU come up with it first!

Audrey Kawasaki has been painting this super beautiful ladies for some time now. The first time I saw her paintings a few years ago I was A)Amazed & B)Aroused which is kind of remarkable seeing as how it’s just paintings of girls on wood. I want to meet those girls. Audrey’s aesthetics are supreme.

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