That’s Disgusting.

So on Monday afternoon, one of our buddies from France posted THIS little doozy onto the facebook.

Some people were grossed out (don’t worry, that is a perfectly natural reaction) some people laughed their asses off (our reaction) some people told us to turn to god (no dice) and a whole bunch of people joined the site. Unfortunately it got flagged and taken down. Sorry guys, there just isn’t allot we can do about the laws of Facebook but fear not! We still have the website! We can post any kind of crazy shit we please here! Let there be jamz and weird Wednesday shit. BOMBS AWAY!

Remember when Marylin Manson was “The most hated/feared man in America” ? This shit seems so.. tame now. In stark contrast to dicks being sliced up the middle.

Oh Hells yes we’ll shred with the wizard!

some things can’t be un-seen. And as a special bonus zone, here’s a little palate cleanser for you.

whew! well we feel better.

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