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Cock shaped bomb

Could you make a bomb from a metal dildo? Like.. a cock bomb? COCK SHAPED BOMBS! It’s Friday. FTW. Who would win in a fight? Your dick or this guys mouth ? That’s KINDA like a cock bomb… Sorta. Fuck … Continue reading

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That’s Disgusting.

So on Monday afternoon, one of our buddies from France posted THIS little doozy onto the facebook. Some people were grossed out (don’t worry, that is a perfectly natural reaction) some people laughed their asses off (our reaction) some people … Continue reading

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Trailer Tuesday: Workflow edition

In case you didn’t know, the brothers are workin’ their asses off in the last big push to finish the mixtape and at this moment in time, that means digitizing. For the most part, our mixtape is sourced mostly from … Continue reading

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