Trailer Tuesday: Workflow edition

In case you didn’t know, the brothers are workin’ their asses off in the last big push to finish the mixtape and at this moment in time, that means digitizing. For the most part, our mixtape is sourced mostly from VHS tapes because they are plentiful and inexpensive. The bunker is brimming with tapes and sometimes you just need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. And without revealing too many secrets of what we got in there, here’s a trailer Tuesday sourced from the “finished” pile of tapes.

Ughhh… I want to throw this piece of shit at the screen when i go see the new Captain America movie. Christopher Lee plans to drop a chemical bomb in major cities that makes people grow old immediately, which is fine in either outcome because Captain America is very fond of old people. Fucking pussy.

I actually like this flick. The soundtrack is MASTERFUL and was pulled together by Franco Micalizzi (The Curse) and there are some INSANE stunts going on. And little kids swearing is always pretty great. Even though I like it, it’s not a very good movie and some parts drag on and on but it’s worth watching at least once in your life.

I trudged through 3 fucking hours of New Kids On The Block VHS tapes, rife with amazing behind the scenes trash and I’ve never come closer to shooting myself in the face before. We’re all lucky I’m still here today to talk about it!

Escape from the Bronx is goddamn amazing. PACKED with science! Trash blows up a helicopter with a .38 pistol! It’s possible right? Right??

Fist of the north star (yes the anime) had a live action telling in 95 with an A+ cast of B movie actors like Clint Howard, the butthole who played Rufio in hook and Malcolm McDowell. Wins abound!

This is pornography at it’s most boring. For a 12 year old, it’s a cream dream. Actually, to anybody who has never had sex before, total boner fuel. For everybody else… Makes a great drink coaster!

When I found the tape “Road to the 1998 World Championship” of Magic the Gathering I almost shit. Then I watched it. It’s… boring. Like, not even funny to make fun of boring. Hoodwinked.

Fuck You Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 97′ !!! This tape is ALL shit like this. No matter how loud I play Gridlink, I can’t drown out the sheer stupidity of the voice over. Anyways, that’s what I’ve been working on this week, not going to give away my brothers secrets but HOOOOOO boy he’s been taking in some real turds as well. Stay classy buttholes, here’s some monsters to take it away!

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