VHS release details…and a few boobs.

You guys pumped about the tape release tomorrow?! We sure are!

So in addition to all the awesome stuff we’ve told you about, these VHS sets will also include some more random bonus goodies for all you lucky fucks out there. That’s right, exclusive pins, a comic, customized boxes…this thing is not to be missed.

They will be put up for sale tomorrow (Friday the 13th) at 3:33 PM EST on our bigcartel page for $33.33. They sets will be shipping out somewhere around the end of September.

Don’t sleep on this, once they are gone, they are gone foreverrrrrrrrrrrr…

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Holy shit, VHS shit!

That’s right, It only took just short of forever, but these suckers are finally going up for sale this Friday the 13th!! The special edition VHS of Vol. 1!!

These suckers come on cool ass purple tapes in chunky big boxes. They are gonna look great on your shelf!

In addition to being on the coolest dead format around, these suckers come with 15 mintues of bonus footage only seen before at our live shows! Holy fuck!

What? Is that not enough for you jerks?! FINE! We will throw in a special cassette version of our 420 mixtape the fabulous Smokemeow put together for us! ITS SPECTACULAR!

WHOR3 HARD3R 2 †H∆ COR3R: WI†H ∆ V3NG3∆NC3 by Thewhorechurch on Mixcloud

These sets are limited to 33 copies. They will be hand numbered and run ya $33.33. Find them for sale Friday the 13th at our shop..More details to come! STAY TUNED KITTENS!

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Caturday for the faithful

Q:“What the fuck have those dicks over at the whore church been doing? Where are the posts at?”
A: Jerkin off, cutting movies, drinking beers, smoking weed, getting into an AWESOME film fest in October (more on that soon.) Y’know.. The usual. While we get a new site up and running we’ve taken a vacation from posting here as we save up great content for our new format. But I’m sitting on a billion awesome caturday gif’s and I know how they’re your favorite and all so I’m gonna throw em’ up! Ya’ll ready for this??

I hear ya kitty, I’d smack that chick too. Claws out 4eva! The following video needs it’s audio turned off forever. Just play that stupid fucking rippingtons song again

Push that mush!!! Stay tuned kids!

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