Music Video Monday: The Gross & Beautiful

Welcome back to another THRILLING(?) installment of music video monday! Today I’m just thinkin’ back to music videos that are intentionally ugly but turn out beautiful through some trick of the light or slant of the camera. Or maybe I’m way off maybe these are just ugly videos that I really like. Lots of old songs in this post so we’ll at least kick it with something new.

Gloopy gummy acid rainbow people. Pretty rad, Chad VanGaalen is also pretty rad and he animates his own creepy weird videos. Double whammy!

I didn’t even know that Chris Clark had music videos but now that I DO know.. I’m fucking PSYCHED!

I obsessed over the ‘4 Ton Mantis’ video all through college. The lighting, the split frames.. Art nerd school pussy overload. It’s still pretty tight and as ugly as ever.

Maybe i’m just a sucker but if you throw some trash wizards and some meat tentacles into a video.. I’m fucking PSYCHED about it.

Chris Cunningham is pretty much the final fucking work in disgusting/beautiful. The Rubber Johnny video is so… NUTS I have to watch it every once in awhile to remind myself that it’s hip to be fucked

That’s all. Back to work!

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