Music Video Monday (B.U.F.F style)

So saturday I got to sit through the “where the music’s at” program (playing one more time TONIGHT @ 5:30 so get wise turkey) and saw fantastic things. Shockingly there was a bunch of stuff I’d never seen before and I like to think we stay pretty current with rad music videos. Here are some of the videos that you might not know about yet and holy smokes do they rule. Let’s start off with the local team “Math The Band” who were super fun to play with on thursday night!

Math the Band – “Hang Out/Hang Ten” – Dir. Andy Devlin

Tobacco – “Grape Aerosmith” (feat. Beck) – Dir. Allen Cordell

Amanda Palmer – “Map of Tasmania” – Dir. Michael Pope

Grum – “Can’t Shake This Feeling” – Dir. The General Assembly

La Sera – “Never Come Around” – Dir. Brady Hall

UNDER BYEN – “Unoder” – Dir. Manyar Parwani
I can’t get over how fucking gorgeous the unoder video is, I can’t stop watching it. You all should see these videos tonight on the BIG SCREEN because youtube can’t do any sort of justice to them. Also you’ll want to go to see other videos like the Flying Lotus video for MmmHmm is AWESOME huge (and others.)

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