Kentucky fried fuckfest

WOOP WOOP! Birthday alert! You know who the fuck was born exactly one hundred and twenty one years ago today? Colonel Harland Sanders. That’s who. This bastard made fried chicken a hot commodity and he had a bitchin’ stache and beard so he’s pretty killer in our book. That and Sleazee eats famous bowls. So this one is for him while he’s out partying in Cali. KFC fuckin’ splosion! This being Friday and all, jams come first.

Quadruple down eh? Sounds greasy.

What’s Korean for “explosive diarrhea” ?

umm…. that’s racist. It’s not funny, you should drop fucking dead, stop being a cunt. Or die. Yeah. Just die. We need some fried chicken eating JUSTICE around here!!!

I wonder if robocop would change brands? Anyways, thanks for playin’ Play us off buckethead!

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