Friday is gonna fuck you hard !

2 weeks from today, get ready for the fucking CRAZIEST party in Boston! The Whore Church descends upon the Coolidge Corner Theatre to unleash “The Whore Church Vol.1” on a live audience! We’ve done so much with Coolidge @fter Midnight in the past so we are so fucking excited to have the world premier at the Coolidge with our friends! Check out the EVENT INFO and PURCHASE TICKETS today! Let us know on facebook if we can expect you by joining the EVENT PAGE ! Now let’s fucking rock out! 2 weeks till paradise! Ungdomskulen, show us how it’s done!

Get your tickets to Volume 01 today to save yourself the embarrassment of sitting outside a sold out show. And while you are at it, go fucking download our WHORE 2 THA CORE mixtape! It will make yer friday feel sooooooooooo gooooooooooood!

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