And you thought nothing cool ever happened in Worcester

I went to highschool with a girl who (apparently) took her titties out on camera for the “Up In Smoke 2000” tour dvd. I’m watching it to see those titties even though I fucking hated the girl and in general hated this year in rap. I don’t know why, maybe you do. Anyways, Sleazee is fucking around in Florida with our homies The Brunt of It, getting drunk & sun stroke or whatever. The Brunt of It tour bus died or something so he has no internet till wednesday. Fortunately(?) for you, I’ll be tweeting from the New England Metal Fest tommorow & filming the Killswitch Engage set. That’ll be neat. Ok!

Yo! Fucking 18 minutes in dude! Wow. That was kind of underwhelming. Not like Mel Gibson. Homeboy is in the ZONE.

i am sincerely hoping there are no hologram performances. Unless the following scenarios present themselves.

Oh! And download the WHORE 2 THA CORE mixtape if you haven’t already done so! It’s the coolest!

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