You can’t unsee something

Sometimes your computer get’s a big log jam of pictures that are often times too fucking crazy to just dump on somebody in the middle of happy fun times. So you need to make a post of all your most awful shit all at once to cleaan the pipeline. It’s like catharsis. I’m sure there is something cathartic about completely covering every inch of your dick in earwigs but I’ll never know. I’m not a fucking crazy person after all. Sorry for this one folks!

Hate to break it to her, but that just isn’t a good look for your mom. I guess being shocking is relative right? I fucking love this clip, old folks confounded by Marylin Manson.

Maybe to some people, our tape is extremely offensive. Boring people i’m guessing. Not like you smart folks here. 40k+ views man! woo!

Fuuuuuuuck!!! Yep, that does it for me. Don’t care if it’s real or fake, maggot foot just grosses me out incredibly hard.

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3 Responses to You can’t unsee something

  1. soso gutter says:

    thank for the worst things ever to enter my eyeholes. i just threw my computer in the toilet and set the whole goddman neighborhood ablaze so i will never have to see these things again. you whores make everything else in the world seem a-fuckin-ok. even a mutilated cow being fucked in all of its stomachs by a quad-cocked hitler could not outstink this writhing pile of internet diarrhea. i hope your skeletons escape your bodies and kamikaze a plane into a retirement home and your boneless bodies meet the same fate of that previously mentioned bovine corpse.


  2. Roil Vulture says:

    that’s like.. a best case scenario

  3. Reverend Because says:

    Check out Pain Olympics and
    Lots of fun for the whole family there.

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