We are merchants of awful.

For those of you who may be old fans, haven’t heard of video mix tapes or may have stumbled upon us by accident let us take a moment to explain what the Whore Church actually is. The Whore Church at it’s foundation is going to be a video mixtape. If you’ve never heard of a video mixtape (shame on you) the easiest way to explain it is a new creation made up of old media arranged in creative ways. I’d invite you to indulge yourself in classics like the “crazy dave tapes“, “retard o tron” tapes and even the “everything is terrible” tapes.  We are the Brothers Vulture (Roil & Sleazee) from Boston MA and this project is our contribution to the culture.

If you would like a more complete history of the whore church, check out this interview we did with French Magazine Ecrans.fr called Whore Church : du gore, du sordide et des nibards which roughly translated means “Whore Church:gore, the sordid one and boobs” (check out the translated interview HERE.)

here is the current discography of the Whore Church starting from most current to oldest.

Fffrrrreeeq- Dildo Science. we got commissioned to make a music video for French artist Fffrrrreeeq and this is what we came up with. Mostly because we were told we had free reign, the song is kind 8-bit and the name was dildo science. So you end up with video games, titties and satan. Obviously!

Whore Church Presents – The Yule Log. This was our first official release, a Christmas mixtape filled with the absolute worst shit imagineable. This is of course the clean version, to download the extra naughty version click { HERE } we had a great response to this video but Santa skipped the both of us this year. Fat fuck.

The Whore Church Presents: 1,000 Jerks – Pretty self explanatory, a video made for our 1,000th fan benchmark for our facebook page. Not a friend of us on facebook yet? Don’t be a fucking dungus, do that shit RIGHT NOW ! The Whore Church

The Whore Church Presents: Don’t stop me now! – This was a commision by The Coolidge Corner Theater for a midnight screening of Nightmare on Elm street. They told us they were going to have one of their staff dressed up as “Freddy Mercury Krueger” and could we make a tribute video to Nightmare on Elm Street set to the queen song “Don’t stop me now.” Sure, why not?

The Whore Church Presents: Do you know any moves? – We made this video for the FIRST launch of the website on October 10th 2010. But that website got lost and is a long story. The video is still pretty tight though.

The Whore Church Presents: America the Horrid. – We made this video for the interview we did for Ecrans.FR it seemed fitting, kind of giving the french audience an over the top presentation of American stereotypes.

The Whore Church Presents: You have no parents – Our third and perhaps our most ambitious trailer for the mixtape. When you drink allot of Joose and 4 loko you end up with real strange abilities to edit awful things to dupstep. You figure it out, but funny side note about this video, it’s the only trailer we made that forced a “spit take” by one of our friends. And passing on the information, Pabst Blue Ribbon totally sucks coming out of your nose.

The Whore Church Presents: RoboMontage – Peter Weller was a childhood hero to the both of us, Sleazee cut this video while learning Final Cut Pro and it came out pretty killer.

The Whore Church Trailer #2-Time to Kick Ass – If you’ve ever seen the movie “Endurance” you’ll recognize the opening line. in fact, it is the only memorable thing about the movie other than seeing Bruce Campbell blown up by a rocket. And even THAT isn’t very cool! What a joke!

The Whore Church Trailer #1- 2 Choices – This was the very first trailer we made for the whore church. We made it on the hottest day of summer and when we uploaded it we didn’t even have the face book going yet. 2 ugly asshole with a bright idea, a pile of VHS tapes and free time on our hands. And lastly, we have the very first inside joke laid out in a mini trailer.

The Whore Church Presents: Anna Nicole Smith – It all started with this little doozy. Because Fuck Anna Nicole Smith That’s why. Thanks for watching out shit, thanks for the support! Check back regularly and befriend / subscribe to us on youtube, twitter, vimeo and facebook! Whores OUT!

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  1. Hey fuck you!
    no not really just showing some appreciation only a few things on the web that bring lulz to my life thewhorechurch.com +1 interwebz


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