Trailer Tuesday: David Cronenberg edition!

So I was flipping through Netflix the other day and looking through the horror section when I came across 1986’s “The Fly.” I haven’t seen this movie in a good 8 years I think so I needed to give it some play. David Cronenberg, you are the fucking man. You turn something pretty schlocky

Like this butthole from the 1958 original (Dir. Kurt Neumann)

to THIS disgusting beast (Chris Walas / creature FX)

And YES before you all lose your shit, I KNOW that scene is from part 2.. I get it but I couldn’t find a quality version of the vomit scene in part 1. Sue me.


All hail the new flesh!

I’d like to think if you watch our mixtape enough times you’ll start to do some sort of mutation thing too. Maybe.. Like a dildo hand or something? Whatever.. that shit rules whatever. Dead Ringers, Crash, History of Violence.. this guy is a genius and you NEED to get down with it if you don’t know his work already. I’m gonna go watch the Fly again just to gross myself the fuck out. Stay sleazy cinema nerds!

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