SUper Duper Axemaas Bl0wOUT!

Oh man! This is the last day we get to post Christmas type stuff for a whole YEAR! Time to tear through the hard drive and make sure there aren’t any gems hiding out amongst all the porn and pictures of Chuck Schuldiner. So we hope you saw your family and blah blah blah, may all your wishes be gay or whatever. Christmas.

And of course, it just wouldn’t be axemas for us if we didn’t use EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY TO JAM THIS DOWN YOUR THROATS!

Don’t forget to download the uncut version and show it to your grandparents k? Merry shitmas Whores!

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4 Responses to SUper Duper Axemaas Bl0wOUT!

  1. Christmas is still in full effect in Holland. So I’ll just leave this little beauty here…

    • Hobaali says:

      You know I’m no professional (as much as I’d like to be) but I’ve heard my fair share and wokred with my fair share and I know this you’re better than just about all of them.The industry as it is right now is still very much antiquated; hampered by years of doing things the same way. But the industry is slowing changing it won’t happen overnight and we’ll never see the nirvana that Courtney Love always seems to think will happen (sorry about the pun). But there is change on the horizon actually, my latest blog entry might just be worth a read. Interesting still I wrote my entry long before reading your blog the timing is rather uncanny.

  2. (sorry for the double post. The site isn’t treating me very well).

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