Art School dropout skateboard superstar

When exactly did skateboarding become pricey art fare? We’re cool with it, don’t get us wrong but how did it happen? Wood, sandpaper, rubber wheels and metal trucks are the basic elements of a child’s definition of cool, it made older people mad, got you hurt often and looked pretty cool in front of the babes. Kind of the basic motivations of film making as well? Lately skateboarding has been making a strong showing from directors like Spike Jonze, transforming skateboarding from extreme sport to commercially successful art..

probably the best skateboarding music video WITH a budget.

probably the best skateboarding music video WITHOUT a budget.

Experimental skateboard film-making WITH a budget

Experimental skateboard film-making WITHOUT a budget

Did we mention motherfucking dogs???

Holy shit, i guess there’s been art films about skateboarding this whole time! Good thing they’ve come a long way because I doubt we could take many more skate witches. Lace up and hit the street kid, it’s all the rage!

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