Roadzone Vol.2

Played at 1982’s in Gainesville FL last night. We’ve been down here before but this place is one of the coolest bars you could end up at in FL. These guys are super into old video games and have them set up all over the bar to play. My night looked something like this..

After the show we got completely hammered ($1 PBRZ). Beercop almost barfed in the bus, but totally made it out the window. LAW AS SHIT.

We went gator hunting and saw some badass dudes as well!

We are currently in route to the transitions skate park in Tampa to rip it up tonight! We’ve been here before as well, Last time we were here there was a shit load of cool art that I didn’t have time to take pictures of. Some of Neckface’s if I remember correctly. Hopefully its at least this cool (it won’t be).

Keeping this one short, but be sure to follow us on twitter @TheWhoreChurch for up to the minute CRUCIAL updates about how many cheeseburgers we ate or our budding porno carer. JUST ACCEPT IT!
Atta boy! Stay tuned for more hot road action, we’ve still got 9 more days out! woo!

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