Make millions through Karate !

Hey all you assholes in advertising firms! We have a foolproof plan to make you and the clients you represent richer than your wildest fantasies. It’s called Karate. Karate and getting us as close as you legally can to showing a bare breast is how to get our money. Karate is the ULTIMATE sales device. Behold the wonders of Karate!

Mr. Miyagi is all “bitch, fuck rice. Pizza is the best eating form for kids.” Whatever that means.

You need to smell like Karate. Women love the smell of Karate so much, you’ll have to beat the shit out of them just to get a moments peace. Fuck old spice or Axe.

I like fruit by the foot and everything but my mom won’t let me eat it indoors. too loud. sucks.

Cobra Kai drinks King Cobra EXCLUSIVELY !!! How else can you be an abusive drunk Sensei?

Send THIS chick down to occupy wall street and she’ll kick those bankers asses all up and down the joint.

Swishing noises grow muscle mass way faster than just regular karate moves. This kids gonna be like.. Shaft when he’s older

(Not even a joke) Hong Kong airlines made it mandatory for all cabin crew to learn martial arts to deal with drunk or unruly passengers. SOLD no way are international terrorists going to highjack my airplane! This is better than being allowed to carry on guns to a plane.

Don’t fuck around and give Grandma shitty pickles. she’ll beat you.

I wasn’t even thinking about buying pizza pops till I knew it was endorsed by karate master dwarfs. Next paycheck… all pizza pops.

The lesson to be learned in this one is, Karate can destroy almost all things except the Ufone new phone plan. I think.. I don’t know what the fuck they are actually saying here but I bet that’s where they were going with this one.

Brisk ice tea fucking sucked. But this made it look so delicious they probably made a billion dollars.

I’m pretty sure if you were a black belt you could do something cooler than pimp slap a foe..

Let us know if you are an ad firm and need two handsome ad executives. We’ll make you rich. We have a plan.

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