It’s begining to look a lot like shitmas

Hey! That crazy commercial holiday we all know and hate/love is here once again! Here is some serious ass gifts and some other stuff to help put you in the mood to get fucked by Santa.

On a serious side note, if you are looking for an awesome gift, our good friend Ruth over at RUSTED ANTLER DESIGNS makes really badass handmade moccasins custom to your feet! She even custom designed us some killer black metal/cthulu mocks..check these fucking things out..

These things are built for abuse too! They are like slippers you can wear all day long (and they don’t make your feet sweat all over the place). We are in love, go buy a pair from her. You won’t regret it and she’ll even give ya free shipping ya jerk! BUYY THEMM HEEEERRREEEE

..tell her we sent ya. <3

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