I don’t remember my childhood being… sexy?

I don’t know if it’s because I just wasn’t thinking of stuff like this when I was a child or it didn’t exist yet (internet wasn’t a thing back then either) but the characters from my childhood have returned! I sure as shit don’t remember them like this though..

Jinkies! Even completely asexual characters like Smurfette have bizzaro zaro renditions to fap to

Ariel from the little mermaid is way too easy. Ursala is better, but I still don’t like tentacle porn so..

Clarissa! You too? I’m telling Ferguson!

I’m pretty sure pikachu was a dude and I certainly never saw it doing any fucking duck lips before

Cheetarah and Panthro had secret fuck things going on. Weird fuck parties I bet.

Chicks from video games WERE kind of too hot / not humanly possible but thank goodness for Nerds with sewing skills and lots of free time.

must… play… darkstalkers… now..

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