God is a bannana

Whenever I wrote papers in college that had to be of a certain word length, I would splash the paper with beautiful words, nonsensical things and find ways of saying the same thing a few different ways. Such is theology sometimes and seriously if you actually believe that the shape of a banana is proof that god exists… Your a fucking idiot. Suck dicks Kirk Cameron!

Uh.. It’s called pasteurization you fucking idiot.

Perry mason would smash this dudes face with a gavel. Conjecture you fucking idiot! Mandatory masturbation!

Someone who plays a fucking idiot on TV talks sense on other TV.

Stephen Baldwin is a fucking idiot but we knew that before.

Votes out on this one, we’d be fucking idiots if we told you what to believe, but thanks for making the whore church, your church of the minute.

Why question where the good things in life came from? It’s right there and she wants some of your beer. Righteous

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