Force Friday !

Dudes! You know that Friday is the end all be all party day. And it can also be argued that Star Wars (original trilogy/non lucas fuck arounds) is the fucking best all around space party party. So…

This is as annoying as it is Slave Leia’s washing cars… Better watch with no sound. Or crank the imperial march or cantina theme.

I’m probably going to get a vasectomy later on this afternoon just in case any of my weiner fruits turn into loser star wars skate nerds. I don’t even know why I fucking put this one in. How will I ever make it up to you? Oh. Yeah. Vader with tits.

That’s about it. Force friday motherfucker. Oh, and make sure to watch this all fan made shot for shot version of new hope. it fucking rules. While you’re watching it, be sure to have a pen and paper out and send us a submission for our LOGO CONTEST!
We’ve got two weeks left in that bad boy and wanna see what you’ve got! May the force be with you!

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