Artsy Fartsy: Boston Scene

It’s Sunday, you need to be takin’ it easy in bed or on the couch. Unless your us, who need to be up editing or shooting video or some garbage like that. Here’s a little appreciation post for our friends and local artists who hustle their asses off and create some of the coolest art around. This coversation would of course be incomplete without some of Zebbler‘s work.
Vj Zebbler

So I’ve been working with Zebbler for quite some time now, I met him through some mutual video friends and was super into his style and energy and shot some video for him/documented his performances. Zebbler is of course most “acclaimed” for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force bomb scare of 2007.

This was kind of a mixed blessing, good for publicity but stressful and time consuming. Currently he’s playing visual mastermind with our other Homie Encanti for both Shpongle and Eoto tours simultaneously . Badass.

Tofu Squirell: website

Ms. Seigel hustles with her own brand of cuddly creatures, bugs and creeps. Easy to identify style, really pretty great design work too. Check her poster work!

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