A lil of this and a lil of that…

Ahhh shit! Feels good to be back in the open waters. First fucking post back, lets jam this shit out with some serious Vulture shit!

How bout that buisness?!


Alright now that that’s out the way… There is a few other things that we lost with the site going down that are worth a quick reminder…

The Whore Church X Vermin Street Launch mix

So our good buddy Encanti put together this totally crucial mixtape for our FIRST site launch. If you missed it, be sure to check this beast out. It’s got everything from Dubstep and Cock Sparrer to Mighty Morphing Power Rangers and G.G. Allin.  Click here to grab it for FREEEEE! Also we should mention that the Zebbler Encanti Experience is on tour with Eoto currently, so go here to check out dates here for this madness and give a listen to their Tour promo mix
Zebbler Encanti Experience Spring Tour 2011 Mix by Encanti

The Whore Church X Putrid Gore bishop shirt

We worked with the mad man Putrid to get this totally badass shirt printed up a few months back. We still have a few kicking around over at The Whore Store. Perfect for casual days at work, family get togethers and gang bangs!

So that’s about all the catching up we have to do, Stay tuned for upcoming craziness! I’ll leave you guys with a couple more crazy bushes! Fuck yeah.

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