5 reasons to celebrate Dee Snider’s birthday

Dee Snider is turning 56 today, and we think that is a cause for celebration! We present, in no particular order, 5 reasons why you should raise a glass to Dee today.

Anyone who stood up to Tipper Gore and censorship is A-OK in our book!

2. Strangeland
What’s not to love about late 90’s internet serial killer flick?! Especially one featuring Robert Englund.

Fuck yeah!

4.He was in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.
Arguably the best film ever ( well that or Ghoulies 2). Sorry for the shitty random player, every other clip of this has embedding disabled….assholes.

5.Twisted Christmas
The man took his own goddamn songs, and turned them into Christmas JAMZ so you can now have the x-mas spirit all year long! You know how we feel about shitty Christmas stuff, and this song is right at the top of our list of awful/awesome crap.

Ok so maybe some of these didn’t convince you, but whatever your only other choice of a person’s birthday to celebrate today is this asshole…

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