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Cats, kitties, kittens, meowmeows.

If you’re a new folk around here there is a few things you need to know, Saturday=Caturday, that is law.We love cats, we love every kind of cats. Pizza boomerang is over, no more boomerangs can be had. If you … Continue reading

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Packing our bags for Toronto!

Weirdo Wednesday, getting ready for Canada. We finished up the cut of the video we are showing at VIDEODROME 2012 yesterday and man is it MEAN. Can’t wait to show this to you bastards. Back to work spuds! COCO FOR … Continue reading

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To cat or not to cat, that is not the question.

It’s fucking Caturday, of course we must cat! Why would you even question that?! What’s wrong with you! BRING ON THE CATS! See? You must Caturday, or the TIGER WILL GET YA!

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