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Inhale…… Exhale

That’s right, be sure to be nice and stoned before even looking at this stuff. This is a trip through the bizarre and the ugly. Come along, it should be a nice ride.. Whew I feel better already!

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pretty pretty !

My brother and I spent all weekend locked up in the bunker churning out video content like our lives depended on it. We’ll take some screen shots for everybody soon. Way more work to do but even we need a … Continue reading

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do WORK son !

Sundays for me require 2 things. 1.) Watching 3 hours of cartoons with some coffee, cereal and slippers and 2.) Jamz, art, boning. Skinner knows. Skinner always knows. btw, did you know Skinner has a band? Ungoliant is going to … Continue reading

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