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What a bunch of dicks!

You ever think to yourself, “Man, those Whore Church dudes sure are a bunch of dicks!”? Well guess what, you’re right. Today we are a bunch of dicks, a bag of dicks, ney, a whole plethora of dicks. We do … Continue reading

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back to the bizness. Business? Biz-nass? Biznesssss!

Turkey, whiskey & stuffing are a real motherfucker. But no excuses & no more lazy assin’ it’s time to get down to the biz. I bet Bettie would dig Clutch. Who doesn’t like Clutch? THAT’S RACIST !!! Man, fuck you … Continue reading

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come back down

A weekend of total party overload needs a transition back to normal day to day life. Take our hand, smoke a bowl and we’ll do this together. You’re going to be ok

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